Hello and Welcome.

Hey there and welcome to my new blog space! I don’t think of myself as a writer, but I have a creative brain with a lot to say, so hopefully this will be tool for me to connect with you all virtually in life, sharing bits and pieces of my day to day living and recent creative work with you.

To start off, I am Michelle. I live the good life of being a stay at home mama by day to a photographer every other second. Okay, that’s not true! I am a photographer 24/7. There aren’t many moments in my life where I am seen more than a room away from my camera. Since getting into photography 5 years ago, I have learned how beautiful this short life we are living really is. I embrace every given moment God gives me and am always trying to keep my creativity alive. I have been married for 6 years now and have 3 babes with twins on the way! With my family growing larger than I ever imagined it would, I have decided to take a step back in my photography business and use it more as a hobby. I will still be booking clients but my availability will be limited. If you would like to follow along or learn more about my business changes, please take the time to sign up for my newsletter!

With this blog I hope to build a unique collection of my ‘everything’ in life. Something my children can look at one day and be proud of their hard working biggest fan aka mama. Follow along as you please and I am so happy you are here to be a tiny piece of my journey.

My first writing wouldn’t be the same without some pictures in here right!?! Well, I don’t want to overshare as I am hoping this will keep you intrigued to visit me here again, so I will keep it slim. I recently started a challenge with myself with taking more portraits or just being in front of the lens period. Now, as some may read from the outside world through via social media, I must love portraits of myself. This is far from the truth. Since dabbling into the portrait world, I have slowly learned who I am as a person and how others view me. I am a 33 year old woman who has lived her fair shares of ups and downs. As I age, I have really taken the time to learn how my life moments scar me physically and mentally, good and bad. Recognizing that and capturing it through my lens is invigorating and therapy for me. I am proud of who I am and I am proud to know why I am who I am. Knowing your purpose is the best feeling ever. So cheers to just that! If you want to find your purpose, if you have found your purpose or if this is the first time you ever thought about yourself having a purpose (Because you do!), let’s celebrate that. Here are a handful of portraits of myself from the beginning of my love for photography art through now. I find my portraits to be quite entertaining to say the least and even funny in some ways and I hope you do as well. Watching yourself grow through portraits and being able to see the inner you through photos truly brings a strength to your story. Enjoy and hope you come back soon!